Real Dreams

Think of your last dream. At what stage the process of dreaming turned form the pleasant thoughts to the list of problems that are associated with the management? The thoughts of traveling to strange or romantic places immediately accompanies with how much needs to be done in order to get there. At least, we must take care of tickets for transportation, accommodations and various bureaucratic procedures. This minimum basket cases binding.

Now, imagine that none of these obstacles exists. You do not have to think about those things that have nothing to do with the rest. You just pack your suitcase, invite your loved one and enjoy communication with her, on the backdrop of famous places of our planet. Without any limits.

Augmented Reality by StarMice

StarMice agency offers this kind of management. But, that’s not all. We will offer you special conditions for recreation – the one will help you feel the seat of the way, the emotions, that are unavailable to everyone.

If you want to fly a private plane over the highest peak of the Earth, view luxury Dubai with its highest point, or even have a weekend in Kiev, that you can recall smiling throughout life. Then we are your Agency! StarMice will provide you unforgettable memories.